Toothbrush Cube

Toothbrush shelf management system

Two-spring pusher system always front-faces product and guarantees that packages never get lost behind the fixture

Easily reconfigures to merchandise single packs, multipacks and electronic toothbrush packages

Creates an organized and beautiful product presentation

Toothbrush cubes are stackable, requiring less vertical space in the planogram

Automatically front-face every size and style of toothbrush

  • Space efficient
    Makes more efficient use of vertical space and requires less shelving

  • Improves access
    Automatically front-faces products and prevents product from getting trapped behind pushers

  • Versatile
    Front-faces a variety of toothbrush packages including single packs, multipacks, value packs and spin brushes

  • Fast and easy installation
    Toothbrush Cube easily attaches to the shelf with no tools required

Toothbrush Cube reduces lost inventory and increases sales through better visual presentation

Reliable performance
Spring-feed pushers consistently front-face product regardless of package shape

Removable divider panels allow each Toothbrush Cube to be easily reconfigured for different package sizes

Reduces theft
Minimizes ability to sweep shelves  

Toothbrush Cube can be stacked 3 high, eliminating the need for additional shelving