ProfitPusher 3

Optimizing shelf management

A universal approach

Based on a common front rail, the ProfitPusher 3 system enables a universal approach to shelf management that creates operational efficiency for 100+ categories throughout the store.

ProfitPusher 3 Center Store

The first shelf management solution purpose-built for categories throughout Center Store. Front-faces products ranging from condiments to beverage multi-packs, minimizing operational touches and maximizing profits.

ProfitPusher 3 Plus

Designed for pushing heavy, bulky product, ProfitPusher 3 Plus facilitates quick and easy shelf management for a wide range of ambient, refrigerated and frozen categories such as pizza, paper plates, and automotive.

ProfitPusher 3 Standard

Simplified shelf management for lighter weight consumer products such as those in health & beauty.

Designed to reduce labor costs, drive revenue, and improve the shopping experience

ProfitPusher 3 generates efficiency gains beyond front-facing. Our patented slide and lock system moves blocks of product at a time, allowing shelves to remain stocked during planogram changes to eliminate millions of unnecessary product touches. ProfitPusher 3 reduces labor hours spent on daily conditioning, cut-ins and resets by 50% or more, so employees can refocus on higher priority tasks. Streamlined shelf management ensures the right product is in the right place at the right time, improving the in-store experience and online order fulfilment.

  • Best functionality on the market
    Trusted by the world's leading retailers

  • Simplifies operations tasks
    Patented slide and lock system allows dividers to easily slide left or right on a universal front rail and secure into place with a simple locking tab, saving time and money with every planogram change

  • Versatile
    With 8 versions available, there is a ProfitPusher 3 solution appropriate for products throughout your store

  • Highly durable
    Engineered for years of use in harsh retail environments, including ambient, refrigerated and frozen

  • Ongoing ROI
    Provides a labor savings annuity for the life of the product, 9 years and counting...

ProfitPusher 3 in Action

ProfitPusher 3 ensures your products are always visible at the shelf edge. With 100% product visibility comes an improved shopping experience plus faster and more accurate online order fulfillment. Checkout the time lapse footage to see our best-in-class shelf management system in action.

With 8 versions available, ProfitPusher 3 takes your productivity and profits to the next level: