ProfitPusher 3

The optimal on-shelf productivity tool that has revolutionized the way retailers manage their shelved merchandise. 

More than just front-facing, ProfitPusher 3 is a comprehensive product management system that reduces the time it takes to perform cut-ins and resets by 50% or more. The ProfitPusher 3 System features a unique, intuitive slide & lock feature that enables you to effortlessly move entire blocks of products left or right. You will save significant labor costs and improve productivity with ProfitPusher 3.

  • Save labor costs
    Quickly and easily re-planogram fully stocked shelves to save time and money with every reset

  • 100% product visibility
    Provides an unobstructed, continually front-faced, view of your product

  • Versatile
    Currently used in over 70 product categories across grocery and general merchandise

  • Fast and easy installation
    Quickly and easily attaches to a wide variety of gondola and freezer shelves

ProfitPusher 3 in Action

Time lapse video showing a refrigerated case without PP3 on the left and with PP3 on the right.

With 4 versions to choose from, ProfitPusher 3 takes your productivity and profits to the next level.