ProfitPusher 3

ProfitPusher 3 Deodorant

Improve productivity and the shopping experience in your stores

Slide and lock entire blocks of product to dramatically reduce time required for resets and cut-ins

Transfer an entire ProfitPusher 3 assembly to another shelf quickly and easily

ProfitPusher 3 in Carrefour, France

Many of the world’s largest retailers have tested and the rolled out ProfitPusher 3

Take your merchandising and profits to the next level with ProfitPusher 3

  • Save Money
    Quickly and easily re-planogram fully stocked shelves to save time and money with every reset

  • 100% product visibility
    Provides an unobstructed, continually front-faced, view of the your product

  • Versatile
    Currently used in over 70 product categories across grocery and general merchandise

  • Fast and easy installation
    ProfitPusher 3 drops onto the shelf and requires no rivets, tape or magnets

ProfitPusher 3 is a unique on shelf productivity tool for retail merchandising

Slide and lock
Dividers easily slide left and right on a front rail and secure into place with a simple locking tab

Flexible depth
Available for shelf depths from 10” to 22” in 2" increments

Nominal floor space used
Virtually no loss of vertical product capacity

Built in pusher extender rotates up to 180 degrees providing extended front-facing support for larger products