ProfitGuard Multi-Flip Window

  • Allows only one lane of product to be shopped at a time

  • Sliding tabs make a clicking sound when moved left or right and allow only 2 windows to open at once

  • Accommodates a wide range of product sizes

  • Reduces theft while keeping products on shelf and available for sale

Save money and reduce theft with ProfitGuard Multi-Flip Window

  • Limited access
    Only 2 multi-flip window panels can open at one time, limiting access to multiple product facings

  • Proven ROI
    ProfitGuard Multi-Flip Window provides a strong ROI by significantly reducing theft while product remains on the shelf, directly available for sale

  • Versatile
    Currently used in multiple product categories across grocery and general merchandise

  • 100% Visibility
    Crystal clear windows provide maximum product visibility

ProfitGuard Multi-Flip Window eliminates the need to lock up product behind the counter

Strategically sized
Multi-Flip windows are approximately 4" wide by 3¾" tall and accommodate most product sizes

Easy to install
ProfitGuard Multi-Flip Window ships fully assembled and quickly installs on all standard 48” gondola shelves

High-impact clear plastic windows are extremely durable