ProfitGuard Window

On-shelf window panel theft deterrence system

ProfitGuard Window

Accommodates a wide range of high-theft products

The solution of choice for theft deterrence at the world’s largest retailers

Clear flip-up window and front retainer prevent sweeping, requiring shoppers to use both hands to remove product

Reduces theft while keeping products on-shelf and available for sale

Save money and reduce theft with ProfitGuard Window

  • Proven ROI
    ProfitGuard Window provides a strong ROI by significantly reducing theft while product remains on the shelf, directly available for sale

  • Versatile
    Currently used in multiple product categories across grocery and general merchandise

  • Two-handed operation
    Requires two hands to remove product from shelf, minimizing sweeping

  • 100% Visibility
    Crystal clear window provides maximum product visibility

  • Audio notifications
    Draws attention to potential shoplifters with standard or custom audio message

ProfitGuard Window eliminates the need to lock up product behind the counter

Flexible height
Available for shelf spacing from 7″ to 16″

Windows are available in 18″, 24″, 36″ and 48″ widths and fit on standard gondola shelves

Custom audio
Audio message can be easily updated seasonally or for specific products

Additional security
Flip-up window can be equipped with locks for a higher level of security

Works in conjunction with RTC's ProfitPusher systems