Edge Tough

  • Optimized for 24/7 operation at the shelf edge

  • Durable, impact-resistant construction makes Edge Tough ideal for a wide range of retail locations

  • Not susceptible to viruses or external hacking

  • Available in 2 sizes: 10-inch display Edge Tough and 7-inch display Edge Tough Mini

Retail-hardened tablets purpose-built to withstand the rigors of the shelf edge

  • Long lasting
    Unlike a consumer tablet, Edge Tough doesn’t require additional cases or frames for protection and the form factor won’t change every year

  • Continuous operation
    Edge tablets run a proprietary build of the Android OS optimized for 24/7 operation, which means reliable performance without lockups, black screens or failures with continuous use

  • Fast and easy installation
    Standard AC or Power Over Ethernet (POE) eliminates the expense of hiring an electrician to provide power access and simplifies installation

  • Secure
    No home button prevents users from accessing unauthorized content, applications or settings

Engineered with unique features not found on consumer tablets

Impact-resistant molded plastic frame and toughened touch-screen glass twice as thick as a typical consumer tablet

Deliver content and retrieve data via a variety of options: microSD card, USB key, WiFi and Ethernet

Optional front facing camera can both trigger and cancel content based on a shopper's proximity

Analytics capture
Records every touch of the screen as valuable analytics data

Front-facing speakers deliver excellent clarity and volume projection

A variety of brackets are available to accommodate any mounting requirements

Comes standard in silver - custom colors can be ordered upon request

Available in 2 sizes
10-inch display Edge Tough and 7-inch display Edge Tough Mini