Edge Connect

  • Extremely secure tablet with zero exposed ports designed for network connectivity and POE power

  • Optimized for 24/7 operation at the shelf edge

  • Edge Connect provides a high level of durability in a sleek and clean form factor reminiscent of consumer tablets

  • Not susceptible to viruses or external hacking

Highly secure network-only connected tablet for the shelf edge

  • Secure
    No home button or exposed ports prevents users from accessing unauthorized content, applications or settings

  • Long lasting
    Unlike a consumer tablet, Edge Connect doesn’t require additional cases or frames for protection and the form factor won’t change every year

  • Continuous operation
    Edge tablets run a proprietary build of the Android OS optimized for 24/7 operation, which means reliable performance without lockups, black screens or failures with continuous use

  • Fast and easy installation
    Power Over Ethernet (POE) simplifies installation and eliminates the need for an electrician

Engineered with unique features not found on consumer tablets

Designed exclusively for network connectivity to provide real-time content updates via WiFi or Ethernet in a highly secure housing with zero exposed ports

Impact-resistant molded plastic frame and toughened touch-screen glass twice as thick as a typical consumer tablet

Rear-facing speakers are combined with proprietary brackets that direct sound forward for excellent clarity and volume projection

Analytics capture
Records every touch of the screen as valuable analytics data

A variety of brackets are available to accommodate any mounting requirements

Optional, protective rubber surround available in custom colors

Available size
Edge Connect comes with a 10-inch display