Highlight SlimLED

  • Bright, energy-efficient under-shelf lighting that improves product presentation

  • Slim profile lighting easily mounts below shelves with magnets or mechanical fasteners

  • Available in multiple brightness levels and color temperatures

A slim, self-enclosed LED light strip perfect for under shelf application at retail

  • Improved product presentation
    Attractively lights product on the shelf, drawing attention to the section and improving the overall appearance and shopability of the product

  • Fast and easy installation
    Easily attaches to the underside of shelves with magnets or mechanical fasteners, with no tools required, and plugs into a traditional outlet or the Highlight Power System

  • Energy efficient
    Highly efficient LED light source is long-lasting and inexpensive to operate

Engineered with unique features not found in traditional retail lighting

Available in 2 brightness levels and 2 color temperatures (3000k & 5000k)

Linear connection
A full family of jumper cords, cord splitters and power cords are available to facilitate easy, unobtrusive daisy chaining of multiple units

Low voltage power
Runs off a single 12v or 24v power supply or can be attached to the Highlight Power System

Available in 1’, 2’, 3’ & 4’ lengths