Highlight Power System

  • A simple solution for connecting multiple low voltage devices to a single power source on a retail fixture

  • Low voltage lighting and other devices connect via coiled wires to the slim power track

  • Connectors can be placed anywhere along the track for maximum flexibility

  • Easy to install and doesn’t require tools or an electrician

A simple and effective low voltage power system for retail fixtures

  • Simple to use
    Makes cord management fast and easy and simplifies planogram resets and shelf repositioning

  • Saves money
    Allows multiple devices to connect to one power track, eliminating redundant power supplies

  • Versatile
    4’ long track can be attached directly to peg wall or with brackets to slotted uprights

  • Flexible
    Connectors, from low voltage devices, can be placed anywhere along the track, providing flexibility and easy installation

  • Low voltage power
    Runs off a single 12v or 24v class 2 power supply