Highlight Blade Sign

  • A fully illuminated double-sided blade sign that truly captures shoppers’ attention

  • Easy to install and update - doesn’t require any tools to attach to the shelf or to change graphics

  • Helps to cut through the visual clutter and physically define categories or promote products

  • Long lasting LED light source lasts for thousands of hours of continual use

An eye-catching illuminated blade sign perfect for category identification and product promotion

  • Highly visible
    Brightly illuminated wraparound graphic visually pops off the shelf and effectively delineates categories or highlights product promotions in a gondola run

  • Fast and easy installation
    Self-centering mounting bracket easily attaches to gondola shelf, with no tools required, and plugs into a traditional outlet or the Highlight Power System

  • Rapid updates
    The wraparound graphic slides in and out of the top of the plastic enclosure for quick and easy updates to the messaging

  • Energy efficient
    Highly efficient LED light source is long-lasting and inexpensive to operate

Engineered with unique features not found in traditional blade signs

Plastic enclosure and self-centering bracket allow Highlight Blade Sign to withstand a hit from a grocery cart or pallet jack

Blade sign can be slid up and down on the bracket for a wide range of height adjustability

Low voltage power
Runs off a single 12v or 24v power supply or can be attached to the Highlight Power System

Available in 1’, 2’, 3’ & 4’ heights