Profit Pusher 2

Automatically front-face product and save on labor costs

ProfitPusher 2 oral care

Adjusts to accommodate a wide range of product sizes

ProfitPusher 2 Vitamins

Save 40% or more on restocking time

ProfitPusher 2 Pushes Deodorant

Pushes profits

Save money and improve the shopping experience with ProfitPusher 2

  • Proven ROI
    ProfitPusher 2 can pay for itself in less than one year

  • Improved access
    Automatically front-faces products providing for easy shopping of high and low shelves

  • Versatile
    Currently used in over 40 product categories across grocery and general merchandise

  • Fast and easy installation
    ProfitPusher 2 easily secures to the shelf with no tools required

ProfitPusher 2 has been the most widely used spring-feed system on the market

Reliable performance
Spring-feed pushers consistently front-face product, even when shelves accumulate dust and debris

Flexible depth
Available for shelf depths from 12” to 22” in 2" increments

Reduces theft
Minimizes ability to sweep shelves 

Product Rotation
Promotes product rotation by providing quicker and easier access to products at the rear of the shelf 

Paddle extenders and center tracks further expand the range of product sizes and shapes that can be front-faced with ProfitPusher 2