Fast Lane 7x6 Pusher Tray

Fast Lane Pusher Tray increases pack out from 6 lanes to 7 for most 20oz. bottles while continually front-facing product

  • Sell more product

    Sell more product
    With an extra lane, versus traditional glides, Fast Lane 7x6 Pusher Tray merchandises 6 additional 20 oz. bottles per shelf and adds 18 to 24 bottles per cooler (based on model)

  • Save labor costs

    Save labor costs
    Reduces restock labor, minimizes out of stock and improves stock rotation.

  • 100% product visibility

    100% product visibility
    Provides an unobstructed, continually front-faced view of your product that maximizes sales.

Fast Lane Pusher Tray
Front End Cooler Merchandiser Beverage

Fast Lane 7x6 Pusher Tray keeps more product within reach and always available for sale

Durable and Reliable
Spring feed paddles always front-face product, even when trays accumulate debris and spills.

Marketing opportunities
Graphic labels slide into spring–feed paddle for promotional messaging or inventory control.

Fast and easy installation
Fast Lane 7x6 Pusher Tray comes fully assembled and drops onto wire shelves with no tools or trimming required.